ViewPoint™ Enterprise Remote Monitoring System

  Protect first responders and the public with the Thermo Scientific™ ViewPoint™ Enterprise Remote Monitoring System, a comprehensive, customizable solution for real-time monitoring and data management. Early warning of potentially hazardous radiation is critical, and an effective response depends ...Read more

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Protect first responders and the public with the Thermo Scientific™ ViewPoint™ Enterprise Remote Monitoring System, a comprehensive, customizable solution for real-time monitoring and data management. Early warning of potentially hazardous radiation is critical, and an effective response depends on having complete information about the environment.  The ViewPoint System centrally processes and analyzes data from radiation, environmental and general purpose detectors to give a complete picture of radiation levels during normal and outage operations at nuclear power plants, industrial settings or security checkpoints.

Robust, secure and scalable, the ViewPoint Enterprise Remote Monitoring System comprises:

  1. The ViewPoint DataEngine
  2. ViewPoint Clients
  3. Instrument Plug-Ins.

This system is able to integrate over 85 sensor/instruments from 22 manufacturers and can be implemented in phases by incrementally adding new instrument and clients, thereby building upon the initial investment.



  • User-friendly, highly customizable and configurable instrument data management.
  • Centralization of instrument and sensor data provides an optimized operational management by integrating personnel, environmental, and process monitoring.
  • Secure, encrypted communications between remote instruments and the server.
  • Sophisticated real-time graphing/trending.
  • Data logging to one or more databases and XML data output in customizable formats.
  • Comprehensive system self-diagnostic capabilities, with a system and network design designed for quick troubleshooting.
  • Fully scalable system architecture enables the system to be deployed on a laptop through to a multi-tiered automatic failover solution.



  • Real-time personnel dosimetry and data management.
  • Area monitoring.
  • Integrated remote monitoring.
  • Instrument management.
  • First Responder environmental monitoring.
  • Building and critical infrastructure monitoring.
  • Security monitoring during large-scale public events.
  • Site Process Monitoring.


ViewPoint DataEngine

The heart of the ViewPoint Real-Time Server solution is the ViewPoint DataEngine. This flexible, intelligent system core handles the complex traffic of multiple real-time data streams, ensuring that critical remote instrument data is available as an event occurs. Among the many tasks performed by the DataEngine is the conversion of raw data streams from multiple instruments into data suitable for display in many user configurable forms.The DataEngine manages the routing of data and commands to and from instrumentation, displays, and communications devices.


ViewPoint Clients

A variety of ViewPoint Client product options are available with which to view, manage, configure alarm nofications, log and report instrument data, thereby providing comprehensive instrument data management at both remote locations to a central command employing the Thermo Scientific™ RadReachback™ System.


Instument Plug-Ins

The ViewPoint solution overcomes the deficiencies of conventional environmental monitoring applications by providing an inherently flexible, dynamic, expandable system. While conventional products are limited by data type, ViewPoint can easily accommodate a virtually unlimited variety of protocols through the addition of modular software plug-ins. This same architecture provides the inherent advantage of configurable display formats. The modular architecture of the ViewPoint system is adaptable and expandable to accommodate different types of devices, monitoring instruments, data formats, instrumentation protocols, processing operations, and operator views.



Appliance Packages Self-contained server hardware with ViewPoint Data Engine software pre-installed; Built-in firewall security protection; Fully supported environment; Plug-and-play capability; Dedicated built-in server; Hot-swap in the event of a failure
Communication Details Two-way communication with the Thermo Scientific™ Mk2™ EPD and the Thermo Scientific™ EPD N2™ Trigger EPDs to alarm from a central monitoring station Change EPD alarm set points remotely Re-configure other key operating parameters remotely
Compatibility Thermo Fisher Scientific: ADR1200SADU2, Alpha7, AMS4, ARIS, ARIS2, ASM, ASM2, ASP2, E600 EPD Mk2, EPDN, EPDN2, FH40G, FHT3511, FHT6020, FHT641, FHT65, FHT671, FHT681, FHZ621, GPS, grabSPEC, HEP, HFM11, Matrix ESP Probe, MDS L+, Mobile ARIS, PackEye, PDR1200S, PM7, RadEye, RIIDEye, RMS3, SAM12, SGS2, TPM-903B, TVA1000B; Bruker: RAID-AFM; Canberra: ADM-300, iCAM, ECAM; Campbell Scientific: CR1000; Environics: ChemProFX; Femtotech: Tritium Monitor; FLIR: IBAC, identiFINDER, Interceptor, Raider, Stanchion; Hamilton: ARFCAM Threatshield; Ludlum: 2241, DT375; Mirion: AMP 50, AMP 100, AMP 200, APBM303, DMC 2000, DMC 3000, DRM-1, GIM 204M, IM201M, Mini Edgar, RAMVISION, Telepole, WRM, WRM2; MKS: AirGard; OMEGA: D1000, D5000, M2241; Omni Instruments: BM25; Ortec: Detective; Overhoff: 93, 421, 400SYBC; RadNet Devices: Area Monitor, Beta Cam, PCM; Raytheon: ASP-L; RSI: RS500; RSL: TRACS; Smiths: Centurion; Vivometrics: Lifeshirt; Zephyr: BioHarness
Data Management Details ViewPoint can log data to any ODBC-compliant database. ODBC, or Open DataBase Connectivity, is a standard method for accessing databases. ODBC makes it possible to access data from any application, regardless of the database management system it uses. Examples of ODBC compliant databases are: Microsoft™ SQL Server Oracle
Description Display and manage data in a number of configurable formats; View area monitors on a computerized survey map; Graph or trend multiple devices on a single graph; Select timescales, zoom and print capabilities for all graphs
Operating System Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2008 Server R2 or Windows 7