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Thirty years ago on February 12th 1991 – Meditron was founded around the vision of sharing medical images with different locations, thus allowing these images to be remotely interpreted and receiving in some cases a second opinion. In 1991, this was a real visionary challenge, as there where no digital modalities, no image standards, nor, did the internet exist. The first milestone was achieved in 1992 with the installation of a network of interconnected systems between Zürich, Lugano and Biel.

With years, Meditron has diversified its activity, adding top quality manufacturers to its distribution portfolio and offering a top notch service.

We believe one of our core strengths, and the main reason behind our longevity, is our commitment to offer our customer the best products and the best service. As a result, we have enjoyed long-standing relations with some of the top Swiss medical institutes, as well as world-renowned medical equipment manufacturing companies.  

This anniversary is for me the opportunity to thank you all, customers, partners, colleagues, for the trust and confidence that you have placed in us.
Philipp Aeberli



Please join us in welcoming Andréas Haltiner to Meditron's Samsung Ultrasound Team.

Andréas has joined us on 4 January 2021 as a highly qualified application specialist. Andréas will be responsible for application and sales in the Swiss German part of CH. He comes to us with 35 years of experience in the field.

We’re excited to see Andréas apply his experience and education to help grow our customer relations and satisfaction.

You can reach Andréas Haltiner at +41 76 419 01 15, email


We are launching this 30 years celebration, by a special promotion on the Clarius Ultrasound scanners. 

This promotion is valid on the first 30 Clarius HD scanner sold until the 31.12.2021

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Topic: Ultrasound Basics

Various factors can affect the quality of the ultrasound image.

These are basic parameters to consider when performing an ultrasound:
  1. Preset: always choose the correct preset when starting an exam
  2. Depth: the organ (region of interest) to be visualized should take up 2/3 of the screen
  3. Frequency: a higher frequency = better resolution, but a lower frequency= better penetration
  4. Gain: image too dark, use your gain to increase the brightness of the image
  5. Focus: make sure your focus is at or slightly below your region of interest. Want to emphasize a larger area? Add a second focus.
  6. Gel: air is enemy no. 1. Make sure that there is enough gel between the probe and the skin

Here are some events in our calendar for the upcoming month.
03-07.03.21 ECR European Congress of Radiology ( Online ) Wien
06-07.03.21 SGUM, Aufbaukurs Abdomen (Dr. Alain Mayer) Spital Schwyz
11-13.03.21 GREC / Cours Urgences + Base Abdomen Hôpital de Cully
Although still scheduled, we cannot assure you that these events have not been cancelled in the meantime. 

We have all new catalogs online for you to browse. Just click below on the desired topic of interest.

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  • Philipp Aeberli, Director, 078 618 51 65, email
  • Riccardo Berti, Manager Samsung Ultrasound, 079 221 06 48, email
  • Karen Niemand, Clinical Market Manager, 076 569 24 53, email
  • Pia Raggenbass, Application specialist & sales, 079 130 80 00, email
  • Andréas Haltiner, Application specialist & sales, 076 419 0115, email
  • Jacques Massoud, Key Account Manager, 079 242 26 97, email
  • Francesco Quaranta, Sales & Support, 076 568 24 53, email


  • Service request email
  • Application questions: email

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