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Longer and more active lives, combined with a string of new examination techniques, have made diagnostic radiology the most widely used medical imaging technology. Diagnostic imaging growth can be seen throughout the healthcare sector, including orthopedic and vascular imaging, plus full-body scanning. This will be a continuing trend, thanks to a shift in focus to more advanced healthcare globally.

As X-ray examinations increase, there is a higher risk of patient and staff exposure to levels of X-ray radiation that could result in negative health implications. As a long-standing member of, among others, IEC, AAPM, and MITA, we are proud to participate in work to research, develop and evolve diagnostic radiology standards. A key company-wide goal is also to educate customers and partners, sharing our deep knowledge of X-ray QA best-practice to protect patients and staff in an ever more complex operational environment.

Our QA solutions are used worldwide by hospitals, manufacturers of X-ray equipment, service providers, and government authorities, across all different modalities, including R/F, Dental, CT, Mammography, interventional, and surgery (C-arms).

Francesco Quaranta


Multi-Modality QA Solutions

With the growth in equipment brands, models, and technologies, it pays to choose a quality assurance provider who can evolve with your needs, helping you to maximize X-ray quality and compliance across a wider range of instrumentation than ever before.

RTI’s X-Ray QA portfolio provides dedicated QA kits and accessories for Rad/Fluoro, dental, CT, mammography, interventional, and surgery (C-arms), but most of our tools are designed to be ‘Multi-Modality’, helping you to achieve time, efficiency and cost-savings by using the same QA tools across different X-ray systems and applications.

Our QA tools combine intuitively with Ocean software to provide simple-to-use features for a routine inspection, through to highly customizable QA programs for deep analysis and record keeping.

Working across multiple modalities has its own set of challenges: we understand this and have developed tools that guide you, system by system. Simply put, RTI sets the standard for Multi-Modality QA in X-ray imaging.


Cobia is a straightforward solution that everyone who needs to make reliable quality control can use. We have 40 years of experience in the manufacture of X-ray detectors. The Cobia Family is a direct implementation of our high-tech knowledge coupled with what we have learned in the field.

Cobia in Different Languages
As well as English, you can choose to run your Cobia in several languages such as Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. This can easily be selected via the Cobia menu and we constantly update with more languages.

Pay for What You Need
There are several versions of Cobia for measuring a variety of Radiography and Fluoroscopy parameters. Select the model that suits your needs, and only pay for what you need to measure.

RTI Scatter Probe

Launched at RSNA 2020, the RTI Scatter Probe is a lightweight, robust, cutting-edge detector for scatter and leakage detection in X-ray environments. Its unique design of two separate detector areas of 10 and 100 cm², fulfills current regulations and standards for X-ray scatter and leakage measurements.

For barrier, scatter, and leakage measurements, various industry standards apply, such as 21 CFR 1020.32, 21 CFR 1020.30, IEC 60601-2-3, IEC 60601-2-54, and IEC 60601-1-3. Common for all these standards is that the measurement must be made covering an area of 10 or 100 cm² at a certain distance.

The detector areas of the RTI Scatter Probe ensures full compliance with these standards. It can be used as a stand-alone and is compatible with another RTI solution: the new Ocean Next, a market-leading software for X-ray QA.

Phantoms & Test Objects

Meditron offers a full range of innovative high-quality solutions and services that maximize efficiency and minimize errors in Radiation Therapy, Medical Imaging, Quality Assurance and Calibration procedures.

We aim to be a responsive and helpful colleague and partner for our users, setting up and providing good solutions to problems they may encounter.

Our products are created by and for people. We will work together to achieve an open, vibrant and inspirational environment where ideas and energy can grow with the mission is to minimize risks and optimize processes.

Make the ultimate QA move from Red to Black (R2B)

Make sure your end-users get more value out of their RTI meter by upgrading from the Red Piranha to a state-of-the-art Black Piranha MULTI.

Upgrade today from the Red to Black Piranha.
  • Optimized performance, with all the latest algorithms, for new Mammography systems and CT scanners.
  • Two-year calibration cycle in our accredited calibration labs. Optional extended warranty for up to ten years.
  • Improved Bluetooth capability.
  • R2B hardware upgrade, v.5.6, delivers best-in-class, extended auto-HVL, and auto-TF range with easier symmetry when measuring.
  • Existing serial number for a seamless audit trail.
We also offer a 20% extra discount if you buy the Ocean Next™ Professional when the upgrade is made


Radiation Monitoring Systems

Radiation dosimetry in the fields of health physics and radiation protection is the measurement, calculation and assessment of the ionizing radiation dose absorbed by an object, usually the human body. This applies both internally, due to ingested or inhaled radioactive substances, or externally due to irradiation by sources of radiation.
We provide a diverse range of product solutions:

  • Personal Dosimeters
  • Survey Meters
  • Contamination Monitors
  • Hand Probes
  • Isotope Identifiers (Spectroscopy)
  • Area Monitors
  • Air Monitors
  • Portal Monitors

Biomedical Testers

Today, biomedical professionals, field service and other medical personnel must meet increasing regulatory guidelines, higher quality standards, and rapid technological growth while performing their work faster and more efficiently than ever.
We provide a diverse range of product solutions:
  • Electrical safety analyzers
  • Patient monitor testers (simulators)
  • Incubator / radiant warmer analyzers
  • Defibrillator / AED / pacemaker analyzers
  • Infusion device analyzers
  • Electrosurgical unit testers
  • Ventilator / gas-flow analyzers
  • Pressure / flow meters

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