Are you looking for smart ways to use your
End-of-Year operational budget for QA essentials?
IBA Dosimetry can help! Have a look at our complete portfolio of Quality Assurance solutions and upgrades. Whether you're in need of a new Ion Chamber or a test phantom, a workflow efficient QA software, or a Monte-Carlo-based 3D Patient QA solution, IBA Dosimetry has end-of-year options to fit every budget, from under $/€1,000 to $/€100,000!
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Discover smart examples to use your End-of-Year Budget!
Ease your morning QA with myQA Daily

The ONLY solution for fast,
easy, and high-quality Morning Linac QA.
  • 125 ionization chambers.
  • 1 minute setup.
  • Integrated energy checks.
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The all new, efficiency-driven
myQA Machines software modules 
Now enhanced for independent 2D/3D imaging QA, dosimetry QA, and MLC / VMAT QA
  • Protocol based machine QA (including TG-142)
  • Instant test results and overview
  • Generic tests & customizable protocols
  • Comprehensive analysis, archiving, and reporting tools 
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Water phantom upgrades for
Beam Scanning Automation & Guidance
 Automatize your Blue Phantom
with SMARTSCAN Software
  • myQA SMARTSCAN automated and guided beam commissioning for your Blue Phantom
  • Run your beam commissioning
    and annual QA with 75% less effort
  • Overcome poor scan data with 100% beam data quality each time
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