CT Dose Phantom [Head or Body]

Phantoms for Dose Measurements on CT Scanners

The phantom set consists of one 16 cm head phantom with 5 holes, and a 32 cm body annulus with 4 holes. Both the CT Dose Profiler and the CT Ion Chamber fit in the phantom.

Body and head phantom with insert comes in a hard case with built-in trolley. The case has space for the head phantom and the body annulus, adapter plugs and a CT ionisation chamber.



  • Material acrylic plastic (PMMA)
  • Thickness 15 cm
  • Diameter 16 cm (head phantom)
  • 32 cm (body annulus)
  • Hole arrangement (head phantom) One in centre, and four around periphery, 90o apart 1 cm from the edge.
  • Hole diameter 13 mm
  • Hole plug length 15 cm
  • Hole plug diameter 12.5 mm
  • Weight Head phantom 7 kg
  • Body annulus 9 kg


Downloads Accessories Brochure: Download PDF (1.88 MB)