Virtua® - Medical Disk Publisher

The Codonics Virtua Medical Disc Publisher offers exceptional speed, efficiency and ease of use in an automatic disc recorder. This innovative medical device is a DICOM-compliant network appliance that can concurrently record and label multiple medical studies onto CD and DVD media. Virtua XR records up to 60 CDs or 30 DVDs an hour*, keeping pace with multi-modality environments such as breast MR, PET/ CT, MRA and CTA. Customized discs are recorded, labeled and ready to leave with the patient without workflow interruption.

Virtua's compact design features an advanced embedded processor, robotic disc handling and a user-friendly touch screen interface that optimizes workflow and productivity. The built-in printer produces brilliant, full-color disc labels that include patient demographics and the facility's address and logo for marketing. Customers can create their own custom labels or use Codonics disc label design service offered exclusively to our customers.

The Codonics Virtua XR Medical Disc Publisher is the world's fastest medical disc recording system. With unprecedented speed, it records over 60 CDs or 30 DVDs an hour.Virtua XR is specifically designed for today's high-volume imaging applications such as breast MR, PET/CT, MRA and CTA. It is the only CD/DVD recorder that keeps up with today's multi-modality environments where imaging systems can send tens of thousands of images an hour. Setting the standard for medical disc recording systems, customized discs are recorded and ready to leave with the patient without any interruption in workflow.

All Virtua models feature a compact design that includes an advanced processor for receiving and managing studies, a robotic disc recorder and printer, and a world-class touch screen interface. The built-in printer produces brilliant, full-color disc labels that can be easily created by the customer or through Codonics exclusive label design service. Not only is Virtua the fastest, most compact, and user-friendly system on the market, it also happens to be the most affordable. You will wonder how you ever got along without it. 


Features & Benefits

  • Fastest recording and labeling time in the medical market
  • Designed to concurrently handle large datasets from the latest modalities
  • Adheres to all industry standards including DICOM part 10, IHE PDI, and audit logs for HIPAA compliance
  • Automatically records patient studies without tying up valuable workstation and employee resources
  • On-demand disc creation and labeling directly from modality workstations
  • Virtua includes the Codonics Medical Image Viewer and supports all of the industry’s leading viewers
  • Automatic Mode records patient studies to disc directly from a workstation
  • Manual Mode creates customized discs via the easy-to-use touch screen interface or web browser
  • Medical Compliance: FDA cleared to market (K060446)
  • Compact design occupies just two feet of counter space and eliminates disorganized cables, separate monitor, keyboard and mouse



Downloads Virtua XR Specifications: Download PDF (670 kB)
Virtua Specifications: Download PDF (644 kB)
Virtua E Specifications: Download PDF (644 kB)