Horizon® Multi-Media Imager

More than just reducing costs and improving quality . . .

Horizon is three imagers in one – a dry film imager, color imager, and grayscale paper imager. Switching between film, color and paper requires no operator intervention. The all-in-one imager is an enormous breakthrough in performance, cost and quality for healthcare facilities. The Horizon's ultra-compact footprint easily allows it to be placed on a desk, counter, or in mobile applications. Requiring less than two feet of desk space and weighing less than 70 pounds, Horizon delivers superior diagnostic quality images and unmatched versatility. Its multiple media features make Horizon the ideal choice for different modalities, or a multiple modality department.

The Horizon is an intelligent, desktop dry film imager that produces superior diagnostic quality medical films as well as color and grayscale paper images fast, conveniently and affordably. The imager is compatible with many industry standard protocols including DICOM and Windows network printing. High speed image processing, networking, and spooling are standard.


The Horizon combines diagnostic film, color paper and grayscale paper printing to provide the world's most versatile medical imager.  Horizon's multiple media options help to immediately cut your costs, build referring physician loyalty and attract new business. High speed image processing, networking and spooling are standard.



  • Image Quality - Laser quality images at direct thermal prices
  • Multi-media - The only imager that does blue and tranparent-base film imaging as well as medical quality grayscale and color prints Holds up to 300 sheets of film, more than any other dry imager
  • Versatile - Go from film to color printing with no operator intervention
  • Interface . DICOM, PostScript and video
  • Convenience - Easy to site, weighs less than 80 Ibs. and takes up less than two feet or desk space
  • Speed - Fastest time-to-first-print in it's class
  • Worldwide Connectivity - Easily interfaces with virtually all major manufacturer's systems
  • Affordable - An overall total lower cost solution including film and media running costs, maintenance and service
  • Perfect For These Modalities - The solution for Digital Radiography, PACS, CR, Ultrasound, CT. MR and other multi-slice tomographic procedures


Load and print multiple media types... simultaneously


DirectVista® Blue and Clear Film

  • 4096 shades of gray and high resolution 320 dpi printing
  • Horizon prints up to 100 films per hour
  • Multiple film sizes allows you to lower film costs by printing on the most economical size for your application
  • Only Horizon XL provides specialized orthopaedics with digital, dry film in 14" x 36" and 14" x 51" sizes ideal for long bone and scoliosis studies

DirectVista® Grayscale Paper

  • High quality, archivable, medical media ideal for the referring physician that provides up to 70% savings over film
  • No toner, wax or ribbons to ever replace
  • Perfect transitional, cost-effective media in a less film or PACS environment

ChromaVista® Color Paper

  • Codonics exclusive Medical Color Matching™(MCM) ensures prints match soft-copy monitors
  • Stunning edge-to-edge color printing, maximizing imaging size and reducing waste
  • Image quality is far superior to office printers featuring 16.7 million colors
  • The only color output in the industry that truly rivals conventional color photographic film


There has never been an easier system for installing and tracking media

Dust and fingerprints are a thing of the past because Codonics media arrives in sealed, disposable media cassettes. Simply peel the protective film off and load the cassette into the imager.   Since Horizon can hold up to 300 sheets of film, more than any other desktop dry imager, Horizon helps keep the focus on productivity with less trips to imager to reload film, even in busy departments.   Horizon's display tracks the type and count of media in each cassette, plus indicates when a job is in queue. This informs a user at a glance how much media is remaining and the types of media loaded.


Downloads Horizon Multi-Media Imager Datasheet: Download PDF (228 kB)