Medical Molded Parts


As value-based care continues to raise the bar on patient experience standards, radiology departments are tasked with identifying innovative, cost-effective approaches to increase comfort and reduce stress in the imaging suite. Once barely considered among department priorities, patient comfort is increasingly viewed as central to growing an imaging organization's value, reputation and, most important, ability to deliver longitudinally integrated care for better patient outcomes.

In order to improve the patient experience, we must recognize that patients often present to the radiology department in a state of vulnerability. Many come to the exam with little knowledge of what to expect. Additionally, they experience stress and anxiety related to the imaging procedure itself, and apprehension about what it may reveal. Image quality can be partly reflective of a patient's ability to comply with the needs of the equipment - lying still in an enclosed space or holding breath for the required amount of time. Thus, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable environment is more than just a nice thing to do for the patient: rather, it is fundamental to the acquisition of high-quality diagnostic images.

A particular strength of Polyform is the production of special molded parts for medical technology. The range includes products and aids for orthopedics, rehabilitation, hospital and care for the elderly. Only harmlessly tested quality foams are used for our products.