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EASYVIZ by Karos Health

Our vision: Through leading-edge technology adopted by users all over the world, we aim to revolutionize the way clinical staff gains access to patient image data in order to improve clinical workflows in the healthcare environment.  We are achieving this through EasyViz – the market’s most versatile clinical image viewer that integrates into all PACS and EMR systems and provides instant mobile and remote access to images and other patient data. As a light "application layer" to any modern PACS or EMR system, EasyViz provides complete mobility, giving clinicians access to images, analytical tools and reports – at any location, at any time and on any PC, laptop or netbook.

Our mission is to enable clinical staff to provide a high level of patient care, regardless of their location and without compromising workflow, functionality or image quality. Through the development and use of advanced Adaptive Streaming technology and ultra-thin clients, EasyViz gives clinical staff instant access to DICOM-quality images and reports at any location inside or outside the hospital enterprise.

About Karos Health

Our mission is to advance the quality of patient care through collaboration and informationSharing :

  • Passionate about improving healthcare in our local community and around the globe
  • Develop innovative software products that enable collaboration between healthcare
  • Providers by providing secure access to the patient’s complete health record (imaging and non-imaging), anywhere, anytime


Our mission is to advance the quality of patient care through collaboration and information sharing

  • Develop and implement open standards that promote industry collaboration
  • Leverage proven technical leadership in healthcare interoperability to protect past investments and support legacy systems integration wherever  possible
  • Realize the platform for Big Data initiatives to aid in analytics to provide insight in the healthcare ecosystem
  • Operational excellence combined with the expertise and capability of our people is our company’s greatest asset Our Experience
  • In use in 50+ healthcare systems ( including Canada Infoway in Quebec)
  • Managing >16,000,000 imaging studies annually
  • Managing > 2,000,000 patient indices (MRNs) at one site alone
  • Deployments in USA, Canada, and Europe

What’s new

EasyViz Enterprise Web – Access via a web browser with zero download.

Together with EasyViz 5.0 comes a brand new and zero download client – EasyViz Enterprise Web. This new web client allows end-users to access EasyViz Enterprise using a standard web browser instead of having to download and install a client application. All the strong EasyViz Enterprise functionality and high performance are still available in Web version. It is supported in the most common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. An extra benefit of EasyViz Enterprise Web is that EasyViz now can be used on a Mac platform along with Android and iPad tablet devices.  EasyViz Enterprise Web is licensed as an additional license to your current EasyViz installation. A plan for converting normal EasyViz Enterprise licenses to EasyViz Enterprise Web licenses can be provided by contacting MediTron S.A.