EASYVIZ Entreprise WEB

Zero download DICOM Viewer Robust Enough for Diagnostic Use, Simple Enough for the Enterprise

80% of referring physicians may be able to live with a basic web image viewer. For some clinicians, however, a higher standard exists: EasyViz Enterprise Web satisfies 100% of the clinicians needs. 

EasyViz Enterprise Web is a FDA-cleared software that gives clinicians and referring physicians access to full-fidelity DICOM images, and provides users with the complete diagnostic tool-set known from EasyViz Enterprise. As EasyViz Enterprise Web does not rely on client-side software, no maintenance of the user’s PC is required. EasyViz Enterprise Web complements EasyViz products family to provide access to DICOM images from in even more flexible and simple way. EasyViz Enterprise Web can be launched from almost any available Internet browser. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari - all of these now support EasyViz and its almost entire functionality.


EasyViz Enterprise Web is compatible with all major Internet browsers

Using mobile Internet browser on your tablet or smart phone makes EasyViz available also on these devices. Mobile devices dedicated application is currently in the development stage and is going to be available for sale in 2014.

EasyViz Enterprise Web complements EasyViz products family to provide access to DICOM images from an even more flexible and simple way.


EasyViz Enterprise Web DICOM Viewer benefits

EasyViz Enterpriseon all platforms
EasyViz Enterprise Web is compatible with most common Internet browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari. This makes the functionality of EasyViz Enterprise available to Mac OS X users for the first time!

Full image quality, high performance, and complete tool-set
EasyViz Enterprise Web does not compromise the image quality, high performance, or the functionality already known from EasyViz Enterprise. Images are still available in full DICOM diagnostic quality, with the same performance, and can be reviewed with the toolset know to the clinician. 

Simple, efficient, and secure access
Users outside the hospital enterprise benefit from simple and secure image access. EasyViz Enterprise Web allows referring physicians to access their requested procedures from the web browser. The built-in TLS/SSL encryption of EasyViz Enterprise Web ensures that access happens securely and in accordance to regulatory requirements.

No maintenance
EasyViz Enterprise Web represents a problem-free solution for the healthcare IT-department: No client-side software means no software conflicts and no upgrades