Thyroid Protection


The thyroid gland should be protected at all times from X-Ray radiation

 The MDT thyroid protectors are supplied as standard in 0.5mm Pb equivalent and are available in three models.The thyroid protectors are made of a flexible anti-bacterial PU fabric and are very pleasant to wear because of their design. Available in 11 colors and embroidery of name or department is possible.

TM-3 TS-4 Vipe


Product features

  • Covered in our antibacterial  Pureproteq® material
  • Easy adjustable by Velcro or magnetic closure
  • Available in 0,5mm or 0,7mm Pb.
  • One size fits all
  • Optional embroidery of the name enhances hygiene
  • Optional logo embroidery

Washable Sleeves - personal hygiene and extra comfort

Washable covers for the MDT thyroid protector for optimal absorbance of perspiration, aftershave, perfume, odor and make-up.

This cover is 100% cotton. Covers are also available in disposable material.


Radioprotection Catalog: Download PDF (1.86 MB)