Gafchromic processorless film dosimetry systems are designed to provide fast and precise measurements for radiology applications in modern medical centers.

GAFCHROMIC ®  XR-CT2 film is for measuring radiation beam slice-width and beam position alignment on CT scanners. It has high accuracy and superior data integrity, and self-develops. It is individually boxed with 50 strips per package.


Sensitometric response of GAFCHROMIC® film, type XR-CT2


Item Number 828224
Dose Range 0.1 cGy - 20 cGy
Energy Range
~20 kVp - 200 kVp
Spacial Resolution 5000 dpi
Dimensions 5.0" x 0.75" (12.0 x 1.75 cm)
Configuration 4-Layer Laminate
Substrate Thickness
Yellow Polyester - 97 microns
Adhesive Layer Thickness
20 microns
Active Layer Thickness
25 microns
Substrate Thickness
White Polyester - 97 microns
Package 50 pieces per Package


Downloads Gafchromic XR Series Brochure: Download PDF (2.29 MB)