Gafchromic processorless film dosimetry systems are designed to provide fast and precise measurements for radiology applications in modern medical centers.

GAFCHROMIC ®  XR-M2 film is specifically designed for mammography quality assurance testing. Using strips of XR-M2 film, the location of the light field and the radiation field, plus the position of the detector, with respect to each other, all can be determined.


Item Number 828225
Dose Range 0.1 cGy - 20 cGy
Energy Range
~20 kVp - 200 kVp
Spacial Resolution 5000 dpi
Dimensions 1.0" x 3.5" (2.54 x 8.89 cm)
Configuration 4-Layer Laminate
Substrate Thickness
Yellow Polyester - 97 microns
Adhesive Layer Thickness
20 microns
Active Layer Thickness
25 microns
Substrate Thickness
White Polyester - 97 microns
Package 50 pieces per Package


Downloads Gafchromic XR Series Brochure: Download PDF (2.29 MB)