Thimble Ion Chambers

Thimble Ion Chambers

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Strict manufacturing tolerances and waterproof construction makes these detectors ideal for dosimetry calibrations in water, air and other phantom materials.


The Exradin Advantage

  • Waterproof construction backed by five-year warranty.
  • Rugged Shonka plastic provides years of reliable use and excellent conductivity.
  • Lack of stem-effect and low leakage provides precise, consistent measurements.
  • Proven guard design stabilizes measurements and reduces settling time.
  • Homogeneous material throughout the chamber minimizes perturbation of the beam.
  • Absolute dosimetry calibrations in water, air or other phantom material
  • Inherently waterproof construction for use in most water tanks — eliminating the need for waterproofing sleeves or protective coatings
  • Chamber vents through a flexible tube surrounding the triaxial cable — vent tube is sealed to the chamber body and open near the connector; ideal for use in water or plastic phantoms
  • Matching 2.8 mm thick Cobalt-60 build-up cap of C552 Shonka air-equivalent plastic included for in-air measurements. Additional Delrin and brass build-up caps available

Exradin A19 Ion Chamber

The A19 fits existing plastic phantom cavities and build-up caps, limiting perturbation and minimizing settling time in absolute dosimetry calibration. This chamber is characterized for TG-51 procedures.



Exradin A12 Ion Chamber

Characterized in TG-51 and TRS-398, the A12 has fast settling time and a removable stem for superior absolute dosimetry calibrations in water, air or phantoms.



Exradin A12S Ion Chamber

The A12S is designed for absolute dosimetry calibrations in water, air or phantoms. The collector of the A12S is approximately one-third the size of the A12, confining collecting volume to the tip of the chamber.



Exradin A1SL Ion Chamber

The A1SL, available in air or tissue equivalent plastic, provides a perfect balance between fast scanning and point-dose measurements within 1cm in water, air or phantom materials. This chamber is characterized for TG-51 and TRS-398 procedures.

  • 6x7mm field size



Exradin A1 Ion Chamber

The Exradin A1 has the same internal dimensions and collecting volume as the A1SL, yet the larger diameter is ideal for use in solid phantoms. This chamber is characterized in TG-51 and TRS-398.



Exradin A2 Ion Chamber

Ideal for precise measurement of exposure and air kerma in photon beams and absorbed dose in photon, electron, proton and other beams.

Available in air, polystyrene, tissue and magnesium equivalent plastic.



Exradin A28 Ion Chamber

The Model A28 Chamber features exceptional omni-directional spatial resolution for relative dosimetry scanning in water phantoms and use in minute field measurements.



  Exradin A1
Exradin A1SL
Exradin A2
Exradin A19
Exradin A12
Exradin A12S
Exradin A28
Collecting Volume 0.053 cm3 0.053 cm3 0.53 cm3 0.62 cm3 0.64 cm3 0.24 cm3 0.125 cm3
Centroid of Collecting Volume* 3.86 mm 4.06 mm 6.96 mm 13.0 mm 12.9 mm 5.79 mm 4.47 mm
Outside Diameter of Shell 6.0 mm 6.35 mm 11.4 mm 7.1 mm 7.1 mm 7.1 mm 8.0 mm
Inside Diameter of Shell 4.0 mm 4.0 mm 9.5 mm 6.1 mm 6.1 mm 6.1 mm 5.8 mm
Shell Wall Thickness 1.0 mm 1.1 mm 1.0 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 1.1 mm
Collector Diameter 1.0 mm 1.0 mm 4.6 mm 1.0 mm 1.0 mm 1.0 mm 1.0 mm
Collector Length 4.4 mm 4.4 mm 8.4 mm 21.6 mm 21.6 mm 7.5 mm 6.4 mm
Shell, Collector, and Guard Material A, T A A, P, T A A A A
Nominal Air Kerma Calibration Factor 5.4E+8 Gy/C 5.4E+8 Gy/C 5.4E+7 Gy/C 4.5E+7 Gy/C 4.4E+7 Gy/C 1.2E+8 Gy/C 2.3E+8 Gy/C
Nominal Leakage +/- 10 fA +/- 10 fA +/- 10 fA +/- 10 fA +/- 10 fA +/- 10 fA +/- 10 fA
Maximum Polarizing Voltage 1000 VDC 1000 VDC 1000 VDC 1000 VDC 1000 VDC 1000 VDC 1000 VDC
Waterproof  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Included Build-up Cap None None None 60Co 60Co 60Co 60Co