COMPASS 2-in-1 Treatment Verification

COMPASS 2-in-1 Treatment Verification

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COMPASS leads you into a new era in the IMRT/IGRT pre-treatment and treatment monitoring and verification.

It provides truly independent analysis of the accuracy of your planned treatment and the dose delivered to the patient.

COMPASS is thus a system to increase precision and efficiency of the individual patient treatment and combines 

  • Determination of dose distribution during patient treatment using a beam model, a detector measurement and a fluence reconstruction
  • Display of the 3D dose distribution in patient anatomy
  • Comparison of measured with expected dose distributions.


Your guide to next generation monitoring and verification.

A (patent pending) method using a high resolution ionization chamber transmission detector and a Linac beam model allows exact fl uence determination by comparison of detector response with expected values from TPS.

Based on the transmission detector measurement, an advanced forward calculation algorithm subsequently reconstructs the 3D dose distribution in patient anatomy.

The 3D dose distribution is then compared with the TPS dose prediction. A modern set of software tools incl. DVH and statistical evaluation allows a side by side analysis of the two data sets either cumulatively or per fraction.

Seeing through the treatment chain.

  • Independent, measurement based solution.
  • Optimized pre-treatment verification.
  • 3D dose distribution in patient anatomy.
  • Direct identification of discrepancies between plan and delivery.


Two-in-One Solution for Patient Dose Analysis

COMPASS offers full workflow flexibility, allowing you to choose the most efficient workflow for your needs: either Calculation based TPS check or Measurement based, using comprehensive collapsed cone independent calculations.

  • Calculation based TPS Check: verification for standard cases

  • Measurement based: for complex cases including your linac delivery in the verification chain

COMPASS, the first and most sophisticated solution for advanced IMRT and rotational plan verification.


Key Benefits

  • Overcome the phantom uncertainties with independent secondary TPS calculation in 3D and 4D measurement based verification
  • Verify the patient plan based on a complete understanding of the clinical relevance of dose discrepancies and necessary corrective action via an independent dose engine
  • High Accuracy: Collapsed Cone dose calculation accuracy in collaboration with RaySearch Laboratories
  • Fast and convenient access to your QA data: Patient file management flexibility with SQL 2008 database structure. Client/Server installation or stand alone SQL Express
  • Save Time: No hybrid TPS plan required
  • Immediate "FAIL" alert if prescription doses are missed
  • Automatic PTV & OAR analysis based on your clinical protocol
  • COMPASS' CT based calculation provides the accurate dose and DVH for clinically relevant verification


Patient anatomy based verification with RTPS accuracy

Accuracy counts! Modern treatment planning systems use advanced dose algorithms. Why would a clinician rely on a rudimentary dose algorithm for plan verification? COMPASS provides highest RTPS class accuracy dose calculation on CT and DVH that allow you to make safety critical decisions.