Lucy 3D QA Phantom

Lucy 3D QA Phantom

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Perform image transfer QA, dosimetry and machine QA within the exact coordinate system of commercially available stereotactic head frames and frameless mask systems.



The Lucy 3D QA Phantom minimizes clinically relevant errors by quantifying system variances in the imaging chain to within 0.1mm. Increase your confidence in your system to correctly image known volumes, distances and geometries. Confirm that CT/MRI/Angioscans and image fusion are accurately recreated within the TPS, assuring precise target dose delivery.



Obtain absolute, relative and point dose dosimetry QA measurements at isocenter and at exact positions off isocenter, using your current ion chambers, film, diodes, gels, MOSFETs and TLDs.



Assess optical and geometric isocenter, laser alignment, indexed table positioning alignment and positioning coordinates for a comprehensive evaluation of geometric accuracy. Precisely determine CBCT and MV/kV isocenter alignment.



Quickly and precisely position the Lucy 3D QA Phantom within the manufacturer's exact coordinate system using the Stereotactic Frame Interface, available for all commercial SRS systems. Works for invasive and non-invasive systems.



  • Make QA setup easy by locking the Lucy 3D QA Phantom to your exact SRS coordinate system
  • Commission your system quickly by using the Lucy 3D QA Phantom to confirm specification upon delivery of equipment
  • Use as a QA tool as described in the performance validation references 1,2,3,4,5 and in AAPM Task Group reports including TG-142
  • Evaluate CT/MRI/Angiofusion at 20 points in 3D space
  • Effectively evaluates six degrees of freedom positioning systems in 3D space with convenient image markers
  • Evaluate manufacturer's automatic patient positioning systems with film, ion chambers, diodes, gels, MOSFETs and TLDs
  • Check cone beam CT performance in 3D space
  • Ideally suited for QC and dosimetry measurements with framed and frameless SRS systems


Lucy 3D QA Phantom

  • Spherical Lucite Phantom
  • Precision Leveling and Rotational Alignment Base

Stereotactic Frame Interfaces

  • Elekta Fraxion
  • BrainLAB
  • Leksell Gamma Knife
  • Varian and Radionics CRW/BRW frame
  • Tomotherapy Hi-Art System
  • Precision Leveling and Rotational Alignment Base for frameless systems and extracranial work

Lucy Dosimetry QA Accessory Package

  • Dosimetry Insert for small volume ion chamber of your choice
  • Dosimetry Film Cassette for three 3 x 3 inch films
  • Target/Treatment Verification Film Cassette

Lucy CT Imaging QA Accessory Package

  • CT Marker Cylinders, set of four
  • CT Electron Density Insert
  • CT Volume Insert with three known geometries
  • CT Grid Insert for spatial distortion

Lucy MRI Imaging QA Accessory Package

  • MRI Marker Cylinders, set of four
  • MRI Volume Insert with three known geometries
  • MRI Signal Generator

Radiation Alignment Pointers

  • Includes 5 mm tungsten sphere tip and 3 mm aluminum sphere tip
  • Automate Winston-Lutz test with the Lucy 3D QA Phantom and PIPSpro Software using a filmless procedure


  • IGRT kV and X-Ray Angiography Marker Cylinders, set of four
  • Dosimetry Film Cassette for fourteen 2.5 x 2.5 inch films
  • Other accessories are available for many ion chambers, TLD dosimetry, diode detectors, MOSFET detectors and MRI compatible bases for phantom positioning