Exradin A101 Ion Chamber

Exradin A101 Ion Chamber

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CT ion chambers combine robust design with uniform energy response for low energy kVCT applications



The Exradin Model A101 CT Ion Chamber is designed to perform the measurements necessary for calculating the CTDI (computed tomography dose index) as described in the AAPM TG 74, Quality Control in Diagnostic Radiology. The chamber is 10 mm in diameter and comes with an acrylic sheath for use with phantoms that have the typical 13.1 mm cavity. It has excellent response uniformity over the central 10 cm of the chamber length, with variation less than plus or minus 3%.



Model A101 is ideal for checking the consistency of beams at various jaw widths. The chamber is vented to the ambient, ensuring the collecting volume is in pressure equilibrium with the surroundings. The design assures there are no stem or voltage soakage effects, providing precise and reliable measurements.



The Model A101 CT Chamber is constructed of rugged C552 Shonka air-equivalent plastic, providing excellent conductivity and years of reliable use.



  • Fiducial markers identify center and both ends of the collecting volume providing easy setup in relation to the beam
  • Proven guard design yields stable, precise measurements and minimizes settling time by creating uniform field lines
  • Shell and guard are made of durable, long lasting Shonka conductive plastic
  • Use of homogeneous material throughout the chamber minimizes perturbation of the beam due to the presence of the chamber and optimizes measurements
  • Axially symmetric design of the chamber provides an uniform, isotropic response
  • Ionization collection efficiency is 99.9% or better
  • Collecting volume is 4.6 cc


REF Number 92680
Collecting Volume 4.6 cm3
Collecting Volume Length 10.0 cm
Collector Diameter 2.4 mm
Body Tube Outside Diameter 10.0 mm
Wall Thickness 1.0 mm
Chamber Length 164.3 mm
Body Tube and Guard Material Shonka air-equivalent plastic C552
Response Uniformity Over the Central 8.0 cm of Chamber Length ± 3%
Energy Response 80 kVp to 150 kVp ± 4%
Collector Material Carbon fiber
Electrical Power Requirements Operates at ± 300 VDC
Nominal Collection Efficiency 100%
Maximum Polarizing Potential 1000 V
Nominal Inherent Leakage Currents 10-15 A
Low-Noise Triaxial Cable 50 ohms, 29 pF/ft, 1.5 m long
Signal Connector Triaxial BNC plug (2-Lug, male pin); others available upon request
Waterproof Yes
Product Standards CE0413, Designed to meet IEC 60601-1, IEC 61674