RadEye™ GN and GN+ Gamma Neutron Pagers

RadEye™ GN and GN+ Gamma Neutron Pagers

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Early warning of harmful nuclear materials is critical for first responder safety. Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ GN and GN+ Gamma Neutron Pagers are highly sensitive radiation detection devices that warn of rising levels of gamma and neutron radiation and immediately classify the gamma source (NORM/non NORM). These small, lightweight units provide clear visual and audio alarms to help emergency services personnel locate radioactive materials in a variety of situations. They are also an excellent tool for expanding the surveillance area of stationary monitoring systems or to verify alarms of such systems.

The Thermo Scientific RadEye GN Gamma Neutron Pager has a very high neutron sensitivity that exceeds the time-to-time requirements of ANSI 42.32 and IEC 62401. Both RadEye GN and RadEye GN+ pagers incorporate a single highly sensitive scintillation detector equipped with a miniature photo-multiplier to detect very low radiation levels of both gamma and neutron radiation from any source.

The RadEye GN pager uses a conventional Li-6 doped scintillator material and the RadEye GN+ pager contains a Ce doped Cs2LiYCl6 (CLYC) crystal. CLYC provides superior gamma neutron separation, making the RadEye GN+ pager an effective tool even in scenarios of combined gamma neutron fields containing high energy gamma radiation.

  • Ideal for law enforcement officers and first responders.
  • Small and compact instrument design.
  • Very high neutron and gamma sensitivity.
  • Immediate classification of gamma source (NORM/non-NORM).
  • Energy compensated gamma dose rate.
  • Dual gamma/neutron display.
  • No false neutron alarms for even intense gamma sources.
  • Large LCD display has 8 mm numerals and large clear radiation units. It includes a quick-view bar graph of current count-rate / dose-rate and alarm points, including the floating sigma alarm point, if utilized.
  • The RadEye GN pager can be fitted with a Bluetooth™ back that can be set to talk to a PC, or to other devices for networking.
  • May be worn on a belt .


Alarm Status Display Settings:

The RadEye GN indicates whether the alarms are due to gamma or neutron by a different colored alarm LED, different tones and flashing the count rate/dose rate display readings with an inverted display background of the alarming channel or both channels as appropriate.

The RadEye GN also has different audible alarms, discriminating between elevated background/NORM and any artificial isotope alarm. The gamma and neutron audible alarms are clearly different. This gives the RadEye GN audible and visual identification using NBR of the type of material detected.

A bright orange LED for gamma alarms and a bright blue LED for neutron alarm is viewable from the front and above. When a dual gamma and neutron alarm is detected, both LEDs flash. Both readings on the display are flashed with a reversed background.


  • Artifical low energy alarm
  • Artifical mid energy alarm
  • Artifical high energy alarm
  • NORM balanced alarm
  • Gross gamma count or dose rate alarms (2 alarm levels)
  • Gross neutron count rate alarm
  • Gamma dose alarm (2 alarm levels)
  • Safety alarm (gamma)