TLD-400™ Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Material


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Thermo Scientific™ TLD-400 Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Material consists of Calcium Fluoride Manganese CaF2:Mn. It is suitable for environmental and high-dose dosimetry applications.

Single element dosimeters and assemblies are widely used in many installations and processed using Harshaw TLD Systems. These systems include a range of readers and irradiators with compatible software to implement calibration, radiation evaluation and management, dose algorithms, health physics record keeping, finder database, glow curve analysis and chain of custody monitoring.

Handling - Vacuum tweezers should always be used. (Avoid mechanical tweezers or fingers). Small scratches, loss of mass or foreign deposits affect light emission).

Annealing - For annealing temperatures up to 400°C, the containers should be made from high temperature stainless steel or oxidized aluminum, preferably thin to assist rapid cooling following annealing. (Do not use non-oxidized aluminum). The use of a dedicated annealing oven reduces the risk of contamination by foreign material. Place the annealing containers on open oven racks with air space all round to avoid inconsistent heat gradients. (Do not stack containers or allow them to touch the oven walls).

Item Number SNO48835
Description TLD-200 Chip (Area: 3.2 x 3.2 x 0.89mm)
Type Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Material
Length (metric) 3.2mm
Width (metric) 3.2mm
Height (metric) 0.89mm
Accuracy ±30 per batch %
Emission Spectra 4400 to 6000Å (5000 maximum)
Energy Response ~13 keV/6°Co
Material Calcium Fluoride, Manganese (CaF2:Mn)
Sensitivity 10 at 6°Co relative to LiF
Measurement Ranges 0.1pGy to 100Gy