Mini-ION™ Portable Survey Meter


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Thermo Scientific™ 2130 Mini-ION Portable Survey Meter is a portable, battery-operated ion chamber survey meter that possesses a simplified calibration method. It is for use in cost-sensitive applications where digital readout, data logging, and autoranging are not necessary.


The 2130 will meet the majority of survey meter applications where mixed gamma and beta fields are encountered, for example, as found in nuclear power or fuel processing plants.

  • Can be calibrated using a remote PC: just attach an RS232 interface and run software provided; this allows for reduced calibration time, improving accuracy, and secures the storage of calibration data
  • Clear, easy-to-read display
  • One hand operation
  • Covers a wide gamma energy range from 10keV to over 6 MeV
  • Includes a movable window shield to facilitate gamma only measurement in mixed beta/gamma fields
  • Convenient meter functions
  • Tested against the requirements of standard IEC 60846
  • Complies with SDI communication protocol
  • Effective Range: 1μSv h-1 to 500mSv (100μR/h to 50 R/h)
  • Relative Intrinsic Error (conventionally true value): ±15%
  • Overload: Recovery from 10 Sv h-1 (1000 R/h) to background levels, 30 s
  • Geotropism: ≤6% for 90° change in meter orientation
  • Warm Up Time: 1 minute

Includes: Two “D” (IEC LR20) alkaline manganese cells; chamber bias from 15 x lithium cells.