Lead Testicle Shield


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The lead testicle shields are designed with a tongue and groove interlock to eliminate radiation leakage where the blocks are joined together and to prevent the halves from sliding apart.  The shields top and bottom halves can be secured together with two rubber straps (supplied with each unit) or with nylon tape.  Rotating the entrance of the shield toward the ceiling will reduce scatter radiation from entering the shield.  A soft cotton sock or cover can be used to cover the testicles when placing them inside a cold shield.  These shields may also be warmed to a comfortable temperature using our Heating Pad for Noncritical Instruments (Item # 489-612).  The testicle shields are available in three sizes: small, medium and large.  When using the Adjustable Stand with the shields, no rubber straps are needed.

  • 1/2” (1.27 cm) lead wall thickness.
  • An open sector is provided in each shield to allow comfortable positioning on the patient.
  • Lugs cast into each half of the shield unit provide anchor points for the two rubber straps used to hold the unit together.
  • All surfaces of the shields are coated with a tan polyurethane paint.