RadEye™ SPRD-GN Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

RadEye™ SPRD-GN Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

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Change the game with unprecedented protection. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SPRD-GN Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector is the first personal radiation detector that can significantly exceed the original ANSI N42.48 2008 standards for neutron alarms while still fitting in the palm of your hand. The RadEye SPRD-GN detects both fast and thermal neutrons in under two seconds without increasing false alarms up to 10 times faster than other lithium based detectors and four times faster than most He3 based neutron detectors.

The RadEye SPRD-GN is a next generation detector that reestablishes the standard in personal radiation detection. The RadEye SPRD-GN radiation detector includes software for configuring RadEye and Spectra download. The RadEye SPRD-GN Kit includes RadEye SPRD-GN, software, Holster, Lutetium test adapter, desktop holder, USB data cable, spare batteries, and rugged storage and carry case.

  • Features a continuous, source-less, stabilizing algorithm
  • Monitors and calibrates neutron performance using onboard diagnostics – even with no source present
  • Identifies Special Nuclear Material (SNM) and low energy isotopes
  • Single crystal design provides both gamma and neutron detection without bulk or complexity, (reducing weight and cost of ownership burdens)
  • Resists drops to 1.5m, IP65
  • Operates in extreme temperatures temperatures (-20°C-50°C)
  • Intuitively designed to be easy to operate, even for infrequent users


  • Event security and investigations
  • Immigration and border crossing
  • Government programs where neutron detection is required
  • Regional civil support teams
  • Military WMD support
  • Personal dose monitoring gamma/neutron