FHT 6020 Area Monitor Display and Alarms


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Nuclear facilities need accurate, reliable, sustained early warning of radiation leaks. The Thermo Scientific™ FHT 6020 Area Monitor Display and Alarms offers maximum reliability for permanent operation within nuclear facilities or environmental networks with up to 16 measurement channels that can process and display data from Thermo Scientific intelligent dose rate probes, FH 40 G series probes as well as analog or digital input. All channels can be operated simultaneously, along with audible and visible alarms, to measure and assess the level of gamma and neutron radiation.

The FHT 6020 Area Monitor Display is an industry-proven configurable area monitor capable of stand-alone or network operation. 


Measurement Channels

  • Total number of measurement channels: 16
  • Maximum number of FH40G probe channels: 2
  • Maximum number of analog input channels: 2
  • Maximum number of digital input channels: 4


Measurement History

  • Ring buffer storage for > 1000 data entries
  • Measurement memory for probes of the FH40G range


PC/Network Interface (selectable at order)

  • Connection to a local PC or communication adapters (e.a serial to TCP/IP) via RS-232 interface
  • Incorporation in measuring networks via RS 485 interface


Power Supply Options (selectable at order)

  • External DC supply (typ. 24V)
  • International wide range AC
  • Car supply via special DC filter (9V)


Output Channels

  • Maximum number of analog output channels: 2
  • Maximum number of digital output channels: 5



  • Equipped with a flash EEPROM storing the firmware, allowing updates
  • Customer-specific programs possible on request



  • Easily and conveniently configured with a PC via serial interface, and through the configuration program FHT 6020.exe.
  • Networking of multiple units and further measurement equipment via Thermo Scientific™ NETVIEW or Thermo Scientific ™VIEWPOINT Software Packages