vPad-IV is the future of Infusion Device Testing. Our new intuitive design is merely the beginning as it features several industriy firsts, including the ability to conduct up to six preventive maintenance inspections on different devices at the same time.

vPad-IV is an expandable modular system providing on-device, user-managed automated testing and many other standard features that customers using our vPad platform are familiar with.

This flexible system allows you to start with a single channel today and slowly add more channels as demand increases, or you can split any multi-channel system into multiple stand-alone analyzers to meet your requirements.


Key Features:

  • Conforms to all IEC 60601-2-24 test requirements for Infusion Pumps & Pump Controllers
  • Modular, expandable system can be arbitrarily configured as 1 to 6 channels
  • Completely independent channels enable differing tests and inspections to be executed simultaneously
  • Automatic or Manual Flow, Piggyback/KVO, PCA Pumps, and Occlusion Pressure tests
  • Automated test setups provide user-defined pass/fail conditions
  • User-managed test sequences combine PM Checklists and Automated Testing
  • Large 10” high-resolution LCD touch screen
  • Integrates with existing vPad platform
  • Full-range class-leading accuracy from 0.1 - 3000 ml/hr