Ocean Next™ software


Since its launch, Ocean™ has been the market-leading software for X-ray QA, addressing customers’ needs all the way from Quick, for daily checks, to advanced QA with workflow, automation, and traceability in Professional in easy steps.

Ocean Next™, our latest software development, continues to be central to our X-ray solutions and is compliant with all our Piranha and Cobia meters.


The new power in X-ray QA software

The importance of dedicated software applications to conduct professional QA is growing. Excel is flexible but simply not enough to meet the demands for traceability, compliance, and efficiency.

If you want a swift, easy-to-use application for routine controls, or a customized application with workflow, automatic tests, and traceability, the new Ocean Next™ software suite provides you with both options.

The software’s recognition and efficiency make it central to our X-ray solutions, and it is compliant with all our Piranha and Cobia meters as well as the new Scatter Probe.

By using Ocean Next™, you can plan the measurements in advance, create checklists, add information as a pop-up window for a specific exposure, and include instructions to simplify the work for you and your co-workers using a streamlined user interface.

Choose from three different license levels: Quick, Advantage, and Professional.

Ocean Next™ is prepared for Cloud Connections and enhanced services launched in 2021


Quick: for swift QA

Start measuring within seconds. The application detects what instrument and probes you have connected to assist you the best way possible – just “Plug n Play”. The interface adapts, and all the measured parameters are displayed on one screen. The results and waveforms can be retained in the database for later review and compiled in a report.


Advantage: for streamlined QA measurements

For more advanced QA measurements than Quick, the Advantage license enables customization of templates to suit your specific needs. Predefined workflows, automation of steps, and graphs. In the Studio View, you can design single-page templates (including analysis and checklists) and important reports, e.g. with your own logo and own layout.


Professional: complete QA system for superior efficiency and compliance

For trend analysis and full traceability of your measurements. Ocean Next Professional allows you to build a holistic solution for your X-ray QA, by storing your measurements in a searchable database structured to your individual needs. The archived measurements are available for quick and intuitive retrieval.


Ocean Next™ key features

  • Customized application with workflow, automatic tests, and traceability
  • Updated user interface for recognition and efficiency
  • Enhanced reporting functionality in Quick Check
  • Upgraded with simplified templates and measurements structure
  • Runs on both computers and tablets - choose the display you want
  • RTI Academy training courses available - see the Academy webpage