Probes & Accessories


Probes and Accessories for your RTI solution

Get more from your Black Piranha or your Cobia X-ray Quality Control System with RTI accessories. Our comprehensive range of easy-to-use accessories includes everything you need from robust cases and stands to probes and adapters. Once you have them in your hand you won’t want to be without them.



RTI Dose Probe

Dose probe for use with Piranha, Cobia Flex or Cobia Sense. Intended for low dose rate measurements such as input dose rate to image intensifiers.

RTI Light Probe

Light probe for use with Piranha, Cobia Flex or Cobia Sense. Intended for brightness measurements (luminance) on monitors and film viewing boxes as well as measurements of ambient light (illuminance) in the viewing room.

RTI T20 Dose Detector

T20 is a solid state probe dedicated for measurements on Rad/Fluoro systems when it is crucial that the probe itself does not have any effect on the system output or disturb the X-ray beam.

RTI CT Dose Profiler

CT Dose Profile probe for use with Piranha, Cobia Flex or Cobia Sense (with PC com). The CT Dose Profiler is used for evaluation of CT and CBCT systems.
The probe fits into standard phantoms used for CTDI measurements.

CT Ion Chamber 10 cm

The RTI CT Ion Chamber is a rugged, cylindrical pencil-shaped ionization chamber for CTDI measurements. The CT chamber is intended for measuring and monitoring the exposure output level of CT scanners in a phantom or free-in-air. CT dose index, CTDI, can be measured in accordance with IEC 61223-2-6.

CT Ion Chamber 30 cm

The CT Chamber 30 cm is a cylindrical pencil-shaped ionization chamber specially developed for free in air measurements on wide beam CT scanners. The CT chamber 30 cm is intended for CTDI measurement when the beam width is 4 cm or wider. 

DAP Chamber

The DAP Chamber is the perfect tool for field calibration of dental X-ray equipment. You can measure with just one click – fast, easy and accurate.

Ion Chamber Magna 1 cc

The Magna 1cc ionisation chamber is designed especially for mammography measurements, with an excellent energy responce within ±1%.


The MAS-1 Probe is an invasive probe for the measurement of mA and mAs. Together with Piranha or Cobia Sense, direct readings of mA and mAs as well as waveform are obtained.



The MAS-2 Probe is a clamp-on probe for non-invasive measurement of mA and mAs. The major advantages are that the probe is easy to use and safe.




RTI Chamber Adapter

External module for connecting ion chambers to the Piranha, Cobia Flex or Cobia Sense. Supports ion chambers with LEMO triaxial connectors.

Adapter Cable

RTI provides a range of adapter cables. These enable you to connect many different types of ionization chambers.


Display Unit


10″ Tablet PC

10" Tablet PC display for wireless or USB communication with Piranha and Cobia.


Holders & Stands


Piranha Panoramic Holder/Vertical Holder v.4

This holder is designed for attaching the Piranha to dental panoramic equipment or vertical mounting. The holder can be mounted with an adjustable strap or magnets.

Cobia Vertical Holder

The Cobia Vertical Holder is designed for attaching the Cobia to vertical surfaces like a wall bucky, or Cone Beam X-ray units. The holder comes with an adjustable strap with suction cup for safe mounting

RTI Dose Probe Flexi Stand

The Flexi Stand will normally be placed on the patient table. It is developed for use with RTI Dose Probe, for vertical and/or horizontal exposures.

HVL Filter Kits

Aluminium filter set for for traditional HVL measurement on R/F, CT, Dental, and Mammography.

HVL Stand 33×33

Adjustable stand for easier positioning of the HVL filter RTI Dose Probe, Piranha device, Barracuda MPD and R100. Filter holder, for 33 x 33 mm filter size. HVL filter kits sold separately.

HVL stand 100×100

Adjustable stand for easier positioning of the HVL filter RTI Dose Probe, Piranha device, Barracuda MPD and R100. Filter holder, for 100 x 100 mm filter size. HVL filter kits sold separately.

Filter Holder 33 x 33

Filter holder for 33 x 33 mm filter size. Upgrades 9720911-00 HVL Stand 100 x 100, so that 33 x 33 mm Al filters can be used as well.

Filter Holder 100 x 100

Filter holder for 100 x 100 mm filter size. Upgrades 9720910-00 HVL Stand 33 x 33, so that 100 x 100 mm Al filters can be used as well.

U-shaped Scatter Holder

Stand to fixate RTI Dose Probe in defined positions for scatter measurements on dexa systems.

Piranha Mammo Holder

Piranha Mammo Holder (for Hologic, Fuji, and others) The Piranha Mammo Holder is developed for easy positioning of the Piranha in the reference point for almost every mammo unit.

GE Piranha Holder and Stand D8

This stand includes a base plate that can be used as a holder for the Piranha main unit. This allows accurate positioning of the Piranha for special applications.

GE Dose Probe Holder

The Dose Probe Holder is designed for accurate positioning of the Piranha and Barracuda Dose Probes. The Dose Probe Holder can be used together with 9744004-00 Piranha Holder & Stand D8.

GE Vascular Holder

The GE Vascular Holder is designed for accurate positioning of the Piranha and Barracuda Dose Probes on the GE Vascular system.

GE Piranha Holder for Pristina

The GE Piranha Holder is developed for use with the GE Mammo IQST Jig and the Senographe Pristina from GE.

GE Piranha Holder for Essential, DS, 2000D, DMR

The GE Piranha Holder is developed for use with the GE Mammo IQST Jig and the Senographe Essential, DS and 2000D from GE. The holder offers easy positioning and ensures that the Piranha is correctly positioned for every QA X-ray measurement.


Philips Piranha Holder

Positioning of Piranha on Philips EDL-stand.

Philips Dose Probe Holder

Stand to fixate RTI Dose Probe in defined positions for scatter measurements (on Dexa and other systems).




CT Phantom Set

The phantom set consists of one 16 cm head phantom with 5 holes, and a 32 cm body annulus with 4 holes. Both the CT Dose Profiler and the CT Ion Chamber fit in the phantom. Comes in a in a hard case with built-in trolley.

CT Dose Phantom

The phantom consists of a set of nesting 15 cm thick solid PMMA disks measuring 10 cm (pediatric head), 16 cm (adult head or pediatric body) and 32 cm (adult body) in diameter. The adult head disk is also suitable for pediatric body measurements.

Phantom Adapter Plug for DCT 10

Adapter for the CT probe DCT 10 to fit in a standard CT phantom. Length 150 mm, diameter 12.5 mm. 




RTI LoniMover™

RTI LoniMover™ gives you a new level of precision and allows you to perform most accurate measurements according to valid standards and methods, using CT ion chambers or CT Dose Profiler when running axial scans or when there is no patient table. The LoniMover™ helps the CT Dose Profiler to slide through X-ray fields of any width at a constant speed.


Carrying & Storage Cases


Soft Shell Case

Our Soft-Shell Case is a smooth, easy and safe solution for transportation or storage of your Piranha or Cobia.

Piranha Premium ALU Case

Made of light-weight aluminum, the Piranha Premium ALU Case is attractive and just “the right size” to provide a space for the Piranha and all its accessories included in the popular Piranha Premium Kits.

Piranha Premium Outdoor Case

The Piranha Premium Outdoor Case is a very robust and hard case. Made with a rugged, high impact polypropylene exterior, this case is waterproof and can take a beating.


Case for Loni Mover

The light-weight LoniMover Case provides space for the LoniMover and its accessories. It it offers a perfect solution for transporting and storing.




RTI Slit Camera

For X-ray focal spot measurements, to assure that the X-ray tube focal spot size is within acceptable limits. The Slit Camera can be rotated 90 degrees in the Slit Camera holder.

X-Ray field set – Visi-X

The Visi-X is optimized for light field/x-ray field alignment measurements.Simply darken the X-ray room and place your Visi-X under the X-ray tube. Adjust the light field and make your exposure. The radiation field will immediately be visualized by the glow of the special phosphor compound.It can also be used for checking the centering of the bucky tray.

Ruler set Nova Rad

The Nova Rad is dedicated to check and document light field/x-ray field alignment. Nova Rad consists of fluorescent rulers with movable, metal markers.