Harshaw TLD™ Model 2210 Chip Irradiator


Irradiate dosimeters quickly and safely with a multi-purpose irradiation system for TL elements and cards. The Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw TLD™ Model 2210 Chip Irradiator is used to irradiate thermoluminescent elements including TL cards, chips, rods, micro-cubes and disks. This system is one in a range of Thermo Scientific readers and irradiators with compatible software to implement calibration, radiation dose evaluation and management, dose algorithms, health physics record keeping, finder database, glow curve analysis and chain of custody monitoring.

The Harshaw TLD Model 2210 Chip Irradiator is a portable unit designed for use on a lab bench. Samples are placed in recesses on the periphery of a rotating disk. As the disk rotates, the samples move into and out of the irradiation beam. The number of revolutions is pre-set by the operator. The irradiator can be calibrated to a known source by following the procedures described in the user manual. 

  • Front panel includes status lights for power and shutter, a start button, a drawer with a rotating drive platter for the sample disk, and a revolutions setting/counting mechanism with a display panel.
  • Rear panel includes an on/off switch, power cord receptacle, voltage selection switch, fuse panel and cooling fan.
  • Features a 18MBq (0.5mCi) 90Sr/90Y source.


Downloads Dosimetry Materials Brochure: Download PDF (311 kB)