FHT 111 CONTAMAT Contamination Monitor

FHT 111 CONTAMAT Contamination Monitor

Easily use Thermo Scientific™ FHT 111 CONTAMAT Contamination Monitor. It is a classic “work horse” for the measurement of surface contamination with alpha, beta and gamma isotopes. It is an ideal tool for surface detection in many industries around the world. It is quick and has an extensive memory.

Large area gas proportional counters are used as detectors and a microprocessor provides all functions and calculations.

  • Counter tubes for alpha, beta, gamma with simultaneous measurement of alpha and beta; windowless counter tube for tritium
  • Push-button counter tube change
  • Digital and analog display of results
  • Storage of up to ten freely selectable nuclides with their specific mass numbers and efficiencies
  • Freely adjustable alarm thresholds (including separate alarm thresholds for each isotope) with visual and audible alarm indication
  • Set of specialized detectors for alpha/beta and beta/gamma isotopes
  • ADF for fast response in ratemeter mode
  • Single pulse indication (click) for search mode
  • Background subtraction selectable
  • Counter mode for high accuracy; in counter mode, the elapsed measurement time is displayed in addition to the measured value
  • Highly transparent hexagon grid
  • Lockable keyboard to eliminate accidental operating errors
  • High-contrast liquid crystal display
  • PC interface for download of data and advanced configuration of measurement parameters
  • Pushbutton calibration; calibration factors of 10 nuclides most commonly in use are programmed as standard
  • User-friendly software with memory for 128 measurement data points


Recommended for:

  • Laboratories
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Recycling industry
  • Emergency response task forces