Multi-Energy CT QA Phantom


Comprehensive QA for Multi-Energy CT

Multi-Energy CT offers a great improvement in advanced recognition, differentiation, quantification of human tissues and different contrast agents based on their linear attenuation at the different X-Ray energies. A Quality Assurance program using appropriate phantoms, is important to ensure accuracy and reproducibility for ME CT scanner performance.

The CIRS Multi-Energy CT QA (MECT) phantom is designed to assure accurate performance and consistency of Multi-Energy CT scans. The phantom facilitates evaluation of scanner performance allowing users to verify the quantitative accuracy of multi-energy scans, check for artifacts in an extended field-of-view and compare the consistency and stability across different scanners.

Our phantom features a series of 13 iodine in water & blood equivalent inserts, six calcium in water equivalent inserts and a matching kit displaying the same CT numbers at 120 kVp on a conventional CT scanner. All inserts contain a core target of Ø 10 mm inside Plastic Water® -LR for minimizing effects of “beam hardening” and can be positioned in 17 different locations within the scan field. In addition, a water vial plug that can be filled with any fluid. Adipose, Muscle and Water equivalent inserts are also provided. Inserts from the CIRS standard Electron density Phantom (model 062M/MA) can be used for extended testing due to their tissue equivalency of +/- 1% within a wide energy range.

Our phantom consists of nested disks made from CIRS Plastic Water® -LR, representing both head and abdomen configurations. Two 10 cm thick sections surround a 5 cm target section for proper scattering conditions.

A holder/support stand (062MA-30) that allows for adding additional sections from CIRS model 062 phantom and a soft carry case are also included with our phantom.



  • Iodine, calcium, blood, & adipose inserts allow for testing tissue discrimination
  • Verify quantitative accuracy & clinical protocols
  • Verify performance reproducibility for a single scanner and across departments
  • High accuracy in Iodine and Calcium inserts by minimizing “beam hardening”
  • Allows for variable insert positioning
  • Various inserts from CIRS 062M/MA can be used for extensive testing
  • Imaging QA Phantom (CIRS 062QA-35) can be nested inside scattering section


Downloads Multi-Energy CT QA Phantom Datasheet: Download PDF (406 kB)
Full Tissue Simulation & Phantom Catalog: Download PDF (36.04 MB)