Electron Density Phantom



Because CT scans are used to correct for tissue inhomogeneities in radiotherapy treatment planning, it’s important to obtain a precise relationship between CT number (in Hounds- field units) and electron densities. The Model 062M Electron density phantom enables precise correlation of CT data to electron density of various tissues, and is manufactured from CIRS tissue equivalent materials.

The Model 062M consists of two nested disks made from Plastic Water® -LR. They can represent both head and abdomen configurations. Nine different tissue equivalent electron density plugs can be positioned at 17 different locations within the scan field. Included is a water vial plug that can be filled with any fluid. Optional distance marker plugs enable quick assessment of the CT scanner’s distance measurement accuracy.

Physicists performing treatment planning need accurate tools to evaluate CT scan data, correct for inhomogeneities and to document the relationship between CT number and tissue density. To improve the accuracy of your treatment planning, consider the CIRS Model 062 Electron Density Phantom.

The 062M is just one of three configurations available as a part of the Cone Beam CT Electron Density & Image Quality Phantom System.



  • Evaluate CT scan data
  • Correct for inhomogeneities
  • Document relationship between CT number and tissue electron density
  • Simulate indicated tissue within the diagnostic energy range
  • Quick assessment of distance registration


NOTE: This product or an optional accessory of this product requires a CIRS dosimetry cavity code before an order can be placed. Please refer to the Dosimetry Cavity Codes document to identify the CIRS code for the probe you intend to use with this product.

Downloads Electron Density Phantom Datasheet: Download PDF (183 kB)
CBCT Electron Density & Image Quality Phantom Brochure: Download PDF (939 kB)
Ion Chamber Cavity Code Data Sheet: Download PDF (107 kB)
Full Tissue Simulation & Phantom Catalog: Download PDF (36.04 MB)