FHT 59 S Alpha/Beta Aerosol Monitor

TheThermo Scientific™ FHT 59 S Alpha/Beta Aerosol Monitor features easy systems integration and maintenance-free long-term operation. Continuously monitors aerosol-bound artificial beta activity concentration in air or effluent gas.

Measurement of artificial beta activity is taken from air sampling, and detection is made possible by a plastic scintillation detector. The sampled air is drawn through a filter tape. During deposition, the aerosol-bound activity is measured by a plastic scintillation detector.

  • Application in ambient air monitoring networks or stack emissions monitoring systems
  • Dynamic compensation of varying levels of natural radioactivity in air (Rn-progeny)
  • Maintenance-free long term operation by virtue of highly-reliable step filter mechanics
  • Direct read-out of measured values in physical units of Bq/m3
  • Easy systems integration via RS232 serial interface ZnS coated plastic scintillation detector
  • Measuring range for artificial beta aerosols 0.3 Bq/m3 to 0.5 x 106 Bq/m3
  • Measuring electronics FHT 8000 operable under Windows™
  • Menu driven calibration procedure with complete track record of efficiency data
  • Low noise maintenance free gas ring vacuum pump
  • Approximately 8m3/h air flow
  • LAN coupling optionally available


Downloads FHT Air Monitoring Datasheet: Download PDF (912 kB)