PackEye Radiation Detection Backpack

PackEye Radiation Detection Backpack

Provide your survey teams with a tool for effectively addressing the problems of orphaned sources, radiological contamination, and maliciously introduced sources with Thermo Scientific™ PackEye Radiation Detection Backpack. It locates and detects gamma-emitting radioactive sources in large areas very rapidly, but unobtrusively.

Fast detection and locating of radioactive sources via high sensitivity plastic detector


  • Easy nuisance alarm management by immediate discrimination between natural (NORM, natural background changes) and artificial radiation via Natural Background Rejection algorithm (NBR) 
  • Always maximum sensitivity through automatic adjustment to background variations
  • High neutron detection sensitivity achieved with He-3 free detector technology
  • Gamma only version available
  • User friendly interface with simple LED level, alarm and status indication including NBR feedback (red and green)
  • Stealth mode using standard earphone muting audible level indication or alarm
  • Unchallenged light weight of 7.5 kg
  • Low power consumption - operation time 30hr (20hr with Bluetooth™ data transfer to optional PDA)
  • Can be tied into the Thermo Scientific™ ViewPoint™ Enterprise platform, allowing for a customizable remote monitoring solution which will provide real-time command and control data


The Backpack Includes:

  • 2 ea. flat Li-6 scintillation detectors with proprietary measurement technique, allowing minimal crosstalk while achieving a very low net alarm threshold level 
  • Highly sensitive NBR plastic scintillation detector with voltage divider and Photomultiplier
  • Low power controller (type FHT 681) with attached high capacity battery module and user friendly interface (LED based indicator unit)
  • Accessory case with connection cables to PC or notebook, spare battery pack, earphone, set of international power socket plugs for charger, car adapter as alternative power supply for the battery charger and rain cover


Recommended Accessories:

  • Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SPRD with belt holster: Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD) for flexible source location, dose rate survey and nuclide identification in case of alarm.
  • PDA Set for convenient data display including GPS (connected to the PackEye Backpack via Bluetooth)
  • Transportation case with outside power socket
  • Tripod for transportation case allowing the PackEye Backpack to be used as transportable, temporarily stationary Gamma and Neutron monitor


Downloads PackEye Radiation Detection Backpack Datasheet: Download PDF (604 kB)
Radiation Detection Solutions for Safety and Security: Download PDF (2.0 MB)