iPCM12 Installed Personnel Contamination Monitor

iPCM12 Installed Personnel Contamination Monitor
iPCM12 Installed Personnel Contamination MonitoriPCM12 Installed Personnel Contamination Monitor

Nuclear facility personnel working in radiation controlled areas risk contamination. Without an effective radioactive contamination monitoring system, these incidents cause significant downtime, employee stress, and lost productivity. The Thermo Scientific™ iPCM12 Installed Personnel Contamination Monitor identifies surface contamination on the body, hands, and feet using 21 detectors to provide excellent alpha and low energy beta detection. Detectors are split into four zones to minimize background and achieve high detection limits to get personnel cleared quickly.

The iPCM12 Installed Personnel Contamination Monitor offers unique sculpted geometry and improved sensitivity due to smaller detector size.

  • The detection area is an industry-leading 17,000 cm² .
  • Three optional detectors can be mounted to monitor the shoulder, side of the foot and the top of the head.
  • Sum zones may be applied across all detectors, providing at least 250 zones per measurement and counting channel.
  • Multilanguage voice prompts provide verbal instructions during monitoring to ensure correct positioning and actions required following an alarm.
  • All background, measurement, source checking, event log, voltage scanning is stored to an SQL database within the monitor, providing both local and remote access.
  • Alarms may be set on single detectors or sum zones, leading to very low detection limits for distributed contamination.
  • Each measurement result may be stored against a personnel identifier.
  • Rapid recovery from background changes with a dynamic background counting time.
  • Large touchscreen LCD.
  • USB security dongle allows supervisors access to diagnostic modes to further investigate the results; features three security levels.
  • QuickScan algorithm allows for faster beta and gamma contamination monitoring without compromising the statistical probabilities of detection or false alarm.
  • Changing background indication signal highlights significant changes in background radiation
  • Changing conditions alarm indicates if there is a significant change in the count rate during the monitoring period, invalidating the measurement.
  • Calibration Integrity checking.
  • Windows™ operating system and Series 12 Software based upon that in SAM12 and PM12.
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity.
  • A gamma option provides up to nine scintillation detectors, monitoring the body, head, and feet; with this option, users can set both gross and 60CO alarms.
  • Optional ingress/egress doors are also available.


Downloads iPCM12 Personel Contamination Monitor Datasheet: Download PDF (212 kB)
iPCM12 Personel Contamination Monitor Application Note: Download PDF (230 kB)