Suremark - Precision Skin Markers


Precision Skin Marking and Labeling Systems

As an innovator of PRECISION SKIN MARKING PRODUCTS for the medical imaging industry, Suremark® is continually looking for opportunities to help make the process more comfortable for patients, while still maintaining ultimate performance and accuracy for technologists and health care providers. In fact,Suremark® is the first company in the world to develop and offer a complete line of environmentally safe, NON-METALLIC precision skin markers to the medical industry.

We have continued our reputation for innovation with our new BEAUTYLINEproducts that are designed with all of the technical precision that has made Suremark famous, but now with a soothing artistic flair to help comfort and relax patients during stressful examinations. Add to this our expanded line of PortalMarks™ for radiation procedures, and it is no wonder Suremark® is the most trusted name in conformable and consistent skin marking products available to imaging professionals in the industry today.

Of course, we still design and manufacture the finest quality and most comprehensive LATEX-FREE skin marking labels available today. From our advanced label adhesive to our precise marker placement, Suremark® labels are guaranteed to be the best performing markers you have ever used. You can be confident that all Suremark® marking systems will stay where you put them, the first time, and show up clearly and consistently in all of your medical imaging applications.

LiquiMark MRI Markers

Finally, a line of fiducial markers for MRI that visually promote healing, while keeping your budget in line. LiquiMark markers are non-metallic, latex-free, and perform consistently and accurately in a variety of applications.


Designed specifically for use on radiation therapy immobilization masks, Suremark TheraMark is a precision label that allows technologists to accurately mark specific points for radiation treatment.


The most common style for general use. The Suremark labels are perfect for distinguishing between a nipple shadow and lesion, thereby reducing costly repeat examinations.

Suremark Wire

This valuable tool is used for marking scar tissue, outlining palpable nodules, moles, entry points, and in CT Scans.

Clearline Scar Markers

Clearline™ low-density scar markers provide distinct outlining of scars and other areas of concern without obscuring micro-calcifications in mammography. These markers are non-metallic and are specifically formulated to eliminate scatter in CT applications. Clearline™ is available in a comprehensive array of sizes to fit all needed applications.


The Visionmark™ is the next generation in general use skin markers. These specially formulated NON-METALLIC markers perform consistently and accurately in a variety of applications. An excellent tool for distinguishing between nipple shadow and lesion, the Visionmark™ reduces the need for repeat examinations.


This design maintains all of the advantages of our regular Suremark® labels, with larger lead ball sizes for visibility in radiation therapy.

CT Mark

This specially formulated non-metallic material is the result of years of research and development, resulting in a virtually artifact-free opaque marker that is perfect for nearly all CT marking applications.

PortalMark Labels

ALL NEW! In lieu of permanent or temporary tattoos, apply PortalMark™ labels to delineate radiation treatment areas. Their premium medical grade adhesive is hypo-allergenic and latex-free, resulting in less irritation for the patient. PortalMark™ labels are constructed of waterproof, yet breathable material for maximum performance and comfort for up to two weeks. Our unique Suregrip™ applicator discs ensure easy and accurate placement of PortalMark™ labels without contaminating the adhesive.

Suremark Arrow

Easy-peel tabs with a 1mm x 8mm lead arrow on transparent, disposable label. The best tool to use when a directional marker is preferred. Especially useful to indicate foreign bodies, points of entry, ribs, and for use in radiation therapy.

Suremark Cross Reference

The SL-CR1 is a 1/2" lead cross placed on a disposable tabbed label. Excellent for marking the central axis ray.


Convenient box holders provides a permanent, visible storage area for your Suremark® skin marking systems. Holds five standard boxes, or two R and L boxes. Place on a desktop or mount to a wall or imaging machine. Double-sided foam tape and Suremark Dispenser Boxes are also available.

Downloads Suremark Product Overview: Download PDF (3.38 MB)