VISICOIL™ is the original flexible linear fiducial marker for use with today’s most accurate image guided radiotherapy treatment plans.

VISICOIL™ is designed NOT to migrate

Key Benefits

  • Reliability: Designed NOT to migrate
  • Efficiency: Each linear marker provides two reference points
  • Visibility: Hollow core reduces imaging artifacts
  • Flexibility: Flexible design can absorb tissue/tumor motion
  • Safety: New Slim Line allows .5mm coil implant with 19G Needle
  • Versatility: Multiple sizes available to meet your needs
  • Compatibility: Ideal for implant with 22G FNA, EUS & guided bronchoscopes

 Accuracy counts

The various sizes and hollow core of VISICOIL™ reduces the image artifact caused by solid gold markers in many imaging machines. Reduced artifact aids by decreased processing time, more precise contouring. This also help in hypofractionation where escalated dosing and tighter margins are required.

The hollow core of VISICOIL™ reduces the artifact caused by solid gold seeds in many imaging machines. VISICOIL™ reduces artifact aids the Radiation Oncologist during contouring. Better visibility of the tumor allows for increased dosing to the tumor and tighter margins.

The helical design of VISICOIL™ provides extreme flexibility of the marker. This allows the marker to easily be placed in delicate tissues such as the Pancreas, Liver, Lung, Cervix, Breast, Bladder, and more. The flexible VISICOIL™ markers conforms and moves with deformable tissue potentially helping to mitigate migration.

Today’s high tech imaging and treatment machines need a stable marker with excellent visibility. VISICOIL™ has demonstrated excellent stability in soft tissue with visibility needed to optimize their capabilities. When top manufacturer’s of these machines need a marker to demonstrate how well their equipment works; They choose VISICOIL™

Today’s high tech imaging equipment and accurate treatment capabilities should no longer rely on 1st generation fiducial markers. With escalated dosing and tighter margins, the need for improved marker reliability to treat your patients with confidence is clear. VISICOIL™ has demonstrated excellent stability in soft tissue with visibility needed to optimize their capabilities. When top manufacturers of these machines and associated devices need a marker to demonstrate how well their equipment works, they choose VISICOIL™.


Downloads VISICOIL™ Brochure: Download PDF (1.75 MB)