Thermofit Cushions


Thermofit is an innovative thermoplastic solution for the creation of a personalised head support in radiotherapy.

Thermofit becomes mouldable after heating in an Orfit water bath or an oven. Place the Thermofit in an Orfit HP Head Support before positioning the head of the patient.

While the material cools down and becomes rigid, it takes on the exact curvature of the head and neck of the patient.



Downloads Instructions for Use: Download PDF (1.02 MB)


Available configurations for ThermoFit Cushions:

ThermoFit Cushion – 135 x 300 mm
ThermoFit Cushion – 230 x 300 mm
ThermoFit Cushion – 350 x 300 mm
Waterproof Bag for ThermoFit Cushion 32390 & 32391 (10 pcs)
Waterproof Bag for ThermoFit Cushion 32392 (10 pcs)