DUON S-Type (Head)


U-PLAST™ is a specially formulated low melting temperature thermoplastic for patient immobilization in radiation oncology applications and it therefore has controlled performance characteristics. It is easy to mould and use and it can be shaped very closely to the patient’s anatomy, providing excellent reproducibility and patient comfort. This results in a high precision and comfortable patient immobilization mask.

These thermoplastic pre-cuts have a new and innovative non-stick surface coating with antibacterial properties. The coating is applied on both sides of the mask surface and stops bacteria from growing on the plastic material. As such the masks have an inherent property that can play an important role in reducing the spread of harmful microbes in a hospital environment.

The UON® Head Mask is available in different thermoplastic configurations: the thickness, perforation style and length of the thermoplastic material differ.


Item Number 60120
Description DUON S-Type Head Masks
Thickness 2.4 mm or 3.2 mm
Perforation Micro or Maxi


Downloads DUON Instructions for Use: Download PDF (696 kB)
Leaflet Antibacterial Properties: Download PDF (931 kB)


Available configurations for this mask:

DUON head mask – 2.4 mm hybrid perforation
DUON head mask – 2.4 mm micro+ perforation
DUON head mask with neck flap – 2.4 mm micro+ perforation
DUON head mask – 2.4 mm maxi perforation
DUON head mask – 3.2 mm maxi perforation
DUON head mask with neck flap – 3.2 mm maxi perforation
DUON open face hybrid head mask