High precision pelvis and abdomen frameless immobilization system

The Pelvicast High Precision Frameless Mask System for pelvis and abdomen immobilization consists of a unique combination of three carefully designed and engineered components:

1. Raycast carbon fibre low density hardware.

2. Pelvicast frameless thermoplastic masks.

3. Easy to insert and remove L-shaped profiles as interface between mask and base plate.

When integrated, they result in the most accurate, reproducible and comfortable patient immobilization and positioning system.

Orfit has developed a pelvis and abdomen frameless, multi-point masking system that offers the precision in patient immobilization needed with today’s technology to perform IMRT, IGRT, SRS and SRT.


Pelvicast base plates

The Orfit Base Plate design consists of a sandwich construction, with a foam core and ultra thin carbon fiber layer. This results in very low density with the highest possible radiation transmission during treatment.

The use of your existing 2-pin lock bar, Orfit Loxon clamps or a similar device ensures that the Orfit High Precision Base Plate is securely mounted to the table top. Positioning indicators on the base plate help to reduce patient set-up time and ensure precise positioning and immobilization during each fraction.

Orfit High Precision Base Plates are available and compatible for use with all treatment machines, CT and Simulator table tops


Pelvicast pelvic masks

Pelvicast thermoplastic masks reduce the cranial-caudal and rotational movements of the patients. A specially designed leg separator can be inserted into the base plate after the patient has mounted the cushion, to fix a 6-points Pelvicast mask. This type of mask will increase the reproducibility and precision of the immobilization. An extensive range of Pelvicast masks are available to meet specific patient requirements and your immobilization preferences.


Features & Benefits

  • Thermoplastic with engineered limited shrinkage that results in a high but comfortable degree of patient immobilization.
  • Very stable mask limits movement and patient rotation.
  • Memory effect allows the user to re-mold a finished mask as needed. This provides significant flexibility for modification during a patient treatment or simply to save on waste.
  • Quick release system allows fast and safe removal with high risk patients.
  • Innovative integrated L-profiles enable you to quickly and easily secure the mask to the Pelvicast Base Plate for a precise immobilization.


Downloads Leaflet Pelvicast: Download PDF (537 kB)


Available Components for Pelvicast:

High leg seperator
Low leg seperator
Pelvicast base plate for all couches
Pelvicast base plate in HPL
Pelvicast base plate for Exact and iBeam couch
Pelvicast base plate for Exact and iBeam couch – MRI Safe
6-points pelvis mask small – prone & supine
6-points pelvis mask medium – prone & supine
6-points pelvis mask large – prone & supine
6-points pelvis mask large – supine
4-points pelvis mask small – prone & supine
4-points pelvis mask medium – prone & supine
4-points pelvis mask large – prone & supine