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Samsung Webinar

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2021-05-13 17:00

EFSUMB Webinar : "Conundrums in Small Parts US – Improved Diagnosis and Managements"

The Program:

  • Moderator: Prof. Paul S. Sidhu (UK)
  • Indeterminate Testicular Lesion – Role of multi-parametric US : Prof. Paul S. Sidhu (UK) 
  • Parathyroid adenoma vs. carcinoma -Role of US: Dr. Cheng Fang (UK)
  • Vulnerable plaque - multi-parametric US: Dr. Vasileios Rafailidis (Greece)


Why Attend?

  • To understand the role of ultrasound in anticipating potential benign intratesticular lesions. 
  • To manage the use of all aspects of conventional and new ultrasound techniques in establishing the diagnosis. 
  • To understand the background for testicular sparing surgery. 
  • Carotid ultrasound is nowadays a multi-parametric technique incorporating a spectrum of techniques, all contributing equally to the final diagnosis. Different techniques provide different information regarding degree of stenosis, plaque morphology, plaque composition and neovascularization. All this multi-faceted information is well suited to study the complex entity of carotid plaque vulnerability. Information regarding plaque vulnerability should always be incorporated in the final report of a carotid ultrasound examination.
  • Carotid plaque features associated with vulnerability and thus increased risk for stroke include: hypo echogenicity, a large juxtaluminal black area, ulcerated plaque surface, increased intra-plaque neovascularization on contrast-enhanced ultrasound or other flow visualization techniques and low shear-wave velocity within the plaque core.
  • Plaques associated with low risk for neurologic symptoms include plaques which are predominantly calcified, have a smooth surface, show no superficial ulcerations, no intra-plaque neovascularity on any technique and show increased shear wave velocities on elastography. 

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