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Samsung Webinar / Radiology

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2021-04-15 18:00

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to Samsung webinar endorsed by EFSUMB, "Multi-parametric Ultrasound: The “One Stop Shop” for the management of patients with chronic liver disease. - From theory to practical hands on

It will be held at 6 pm, the 15th of April

The Program:

  • Moderator: Prof. Vito Cantisani (Italy)
  • Is liver disease only a liver disease? Best assessment of current patients with chronic liver disease : Prof. Fabio Piscaglia (Italy) 
  • What to know about multiparametric liver and carotid evaluation: Prof. Vito Cantisani (Italy)
  • Tips and tricks to perform an optimal liver assessment (video demonstration): Prof. Vito Cantisani and Daniele Fresilli (Italy)


Why Attend?

  • To learn how the etiology of liver disease has changed over time in the last 30 years and the predicted future trends
  • To learn how fatty liver disease if often part of the metabolic syndrome whose target organs are multiple
  • To learn how ultrasound can provide multiorgan evaluation for the best initial assessment of patients with non alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • To learn functioning, potentiality, indications and limitations of new softwares for liver parenchyma evaluation
  • To learn how to scan liver parenchyma in normal or pathological setting


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Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you all!


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