Auto Gain

With automated gain and frequency settings, Clarius is almost as easy to use as the camera on your smart phone.

Wireless freedom

Produces high-resolution ultrasound images and transmits them wirelessly to most iOS or Android smart devices.

Full metal jacket

Clarius is encased in a magnesium shell that can be completely immersed in liquid. And since it’s wireless, there are no cables to manage.

2 Probes in One

Convex and Virtual Phased Array Imaging on One Device.

Rechargeable Batteries

Clarius gets its power from a rechargeable battery that will last for more than 45 minutes of scanning and up to 7+ days of stand-by power. You’ll get two batteries with each Clarius scanner.


Each transducer is meticulously crafted by our team using high quality materials. Controlling the entire manufacturing process allows us to ensure optimum quality control, every step of the way.